Community Engagement and Housing Needs Identified
The Cullman Area Housing Needs Assessment combines an evaluation of housing and economic trends, market, socio-economic and demographic data, with an analysis of housing, commercial, and neighborhood conditions, used to forecast future housing needs. Community engagement and identification of key Issues and opportunities to address those needs are incorporated into the analysis.
The Regional Housing Needs Assessment was completed with an extensive community engagement process. Methods of engagement included a resident survey; resident focus groups; stakeholder focus groups; pop up engagement community fairs, public events, homebuyer fairs, and other events; presentations and SWOT analysis with realtors, financial, social service, education, nonprofit, government agencies, and city and county policymaker meetings; and fourteen community stakeholder meetings. This resulted in engagement of nearly 1,500 residents and stakeholders.
Findings from this engagement, in addition to the quantitative analysis conducted for the study, were used to determine the highest priority for the county