JQUAD is a leader in providing exceptional planning services to public and private sector clients

About Us

Since 1994, JQUAD PLANNING GROUP (JQUAD) has been a leader in providing planning, research, analysis and strategic planning, grants management, support to public and private sector clients across the country with an emphasis on the housing and community and economic development, and disaster assistance.

Through a commitment to high-quality, customer-oriented outcomes, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients to provide:

Nationally Recognized Innovation in Planning - JQUAD is a leader in neighborhood revitalization and sustainability planning with core competencies in urban, regional and rural planning; disaster planning and recovery; commercial corridor and neighborhood redevelopment; housing and economic development finance.

Transforming Communities One neighborhood at a time - Our planning initiatives empower community stakeholders to create transformation visions and implementation strategies that guide redevelopment of housing, commercial corridors, communities and public policy.

Resiliency and Sustainability after the storm - Communities impacted by natural disasters and economic downturns have commissioned JQUAD to develop plans identifying opportunities to match their emergency and immediate needs with implementation resources that are available, in an effort to avoid loss of population and further decline in the quality of life for its residents.

Shaping National, State and Local Policy - Developing public policy is a focal point of consultation for JQUAD, including multiple consulting engagements with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Navy, and engagements with 18 state and 85 city, and county governments.

Nationally Recognized Innovation in Planning – City of Jonesboro, Arkansas 2030 Vision Plan
Transforming Communities one Neighborhood at a time – City of Port Arthur, Texas Downtown Plan
Resiliency and Sustainability after the storm – Port Arthur Texas Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery Plan
Shaping National, State and Local Policy - Cleveland, Ohio Transformation Vision Plan


Planning and Development

  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Commercial Corridor Planning
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Revitalization Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Housing Market Analysis
  • Housing Needs Assessments and Forecasting
  • Economic Assessments and Forecasting
  • Demographic Analysis
  • HUD Entitlement Grant Management

Grant Management

  • Consolidated Plans
  • Assessment of Fair Housing
  • Public Housing - Entitlement Program Deconcentration Plans
  • Site and Neighborhood Standards Analysis
  • CAPERS, IDIS, and Regulatory Reporting
  • Program Design & Administration
  • Davis Bacon Compliance
  • Federal Manpower Validation
  • Fair Housing Consent Decree Compliance

Housing and Economic Development

  • Economic Development Finance
  • Housing Finance
  • Downtown and Specialty Housing
  • Program Design & Administration
  • Davis Bacon Compliance
  • Housing Development Feasibility Analysis
  • CDFI Program Development
  • Planning and Zoning Changes and Compliance

Featured Projects

  • EAPDD Regional Plan
  • Cleveland Buckeye Larchmere Shaker Square Woodland Hills Transformation Vision Plan
  • Port Arthur Texas Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Port Arthur Downtown Housing Plan
  • RMAP Regional Housing Needs Assessment
  • Huntsville Housing Autority Deconcentration Plan
  • Shreveport LA Assessment of Fair Housing
  • Mobile Alabama Consolidated Plan
  • Shreveport Housing Needs Assessment

Featured Projects