Disaster Assistance Planning

Disaster Assistance Planning assists local governments in allocating funds and resources made available from FEMA, HUD and other federal entities as a result of severe storms, flooding, and displacement.


Revitalization Planning

We develop revitalization plans that guide redevelopment of communities using public policy and community and stakeholder engagement.


Urban Planning and Sustainability

JQUAD develops comprehensive plans, community needs assessments, market studies, neighborhood sustainability and revitalization plans, land planning and urban design.


Housing Needs Assessment

JQUAD works with local governments to identify housing issues and solutions that can be used to make strategic decisions for future housing and policy changes that shape their communities.


Commercial Corridor Planning

We work with local chambers of commerce and economic development groups to help ensure the continued viability of economic corridors while balancing the cultural and social needs of the community.


Core Competencies

Our core competencies encompass economic development strategies that guide the redevelopment of communities and public policy.