Shreveport, Louisiana
Comprehensive Revitalization Strategies
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Housing Research

With the completion of the Shreveport Comprehensive Needs Assessment, J-QUAD Planning Group was commissioned to prepare revitalization strategies to address problems that were identified in the previous study.  All seven neighborhoods were analyzed, sub-areas within each neighborhood were identified according to conditions prevalent in each, and project opportunity areas were proposed and detailed.  To the left is an example of the Ledbetter Heights Neighborhood with project opportunities specified.  Below is the methodological basis for the identification of revitalization needs.  The sub-areas in each of the seven neighborhoods were processed through the classification methodology and overall revitalization strategies were developed that addressed common issues within classifications.  Redevelopment plans were developed for select areas to stimulate redevelopment and reverse trends towards slum and blight.  With the creation of these redevelopment plans, J-QUAD provided the City with a land-banking strategy and assisted in the formation of a citywide non-profit agency that works to reclaim city-owned residential properties obtained through tax foreclosure.

Customer: City of Shreveport

Period: 1998 –2000
             2004 -2005

Ms. Bonnie Moore or
Ms. Jackie Brown
Ph: 318-673-5918

Mailing Address:
Department of Community Development
1237 Murphy Street
Room 314 A
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130

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